Images I took during a recent two week trip through Bhutan, a small and isolated kingdom in the Himalayas, nestled between India and China (Tibet).
The famed Tiger's Nest Monastery, perched on the steep cliff face, taken from below through an opening in the clouds.
The Paro Dzong, a fortified monastery, that is connected to the main part of Paro by a cantilevered bridge.
Stupas at a Tibetan monastery in Eastern Bhutan.
Prayer Flags on poles at the Chelela Pass which leads to the Haa Valley, a relatively isolated region in the western part of Bhutan.  The pass, which is at 3990m / 13,100ft is inaccessible during the winter months.
Golden languar mother and child near the Tango Buddhist Uninveristy, near Thimpu, Bhutan.
Contemplating monk on the bridge leading to the Punakha Dzong
Monk walking to prayers
Cooking dinner for the residential students at the high school in Trongsa
Two older men in National Dress (goh) watching a festival rehersal in the Haa Valley.
Masked cham dancers entering the Dzong courtyard at the Thimpu Tshechu festival.
Black hat cham dancers at the Thimpu Tshechu festival.  The black hat dancers are monks who are tasked with driving away the demons at the beginning of the festival.
Silversmith working at the School of Traditional Arts in Thimpu.
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