Hammar Tribe - Omo Valley, Ethiopia - Bull Jumping
Images of the Hammar tribe, who live in the remote Omo Valley in South-Western Ethiopia, near the borders with Kenya and South Sudan. These pictures were taken during a "bull jumping" ceremony; a rite of passage for a youth to become a man. He has to run across the backs of eight bulls a total of four times to succeed.
Hammar woman with the traditional braided hairstyle indicating that she is married
The feathers on this young man's head indicates he is of the same age group as the bull jumper.
Face painting for the ceremony.  The long sticks are whips that are used to whip the female friends and relatives of the bull jumper
Much dancing and blowing of horns by the women of the tribe as part of the day-long celebrations leading up to the bull jump
More dancing and celebrating at the bull jumoing field.   The bulls are being brought in.
One of the female relatives of the bull jumpers has been whipped so that she has open wounds all over the middle of her back.
The bull jumper, naked on the left, with a companion who is holding all his clothes.
And he's off running across the backs of the bulls.
Coming to the end of the bull jump.
Having successfully completed the bull jump, the youth has become a man and proudly wears the lion skin, surrounded by his friends and family.  Now it's off to the village for a night of celebration.
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