India - Places and Events
Places and events that I visited during my month traveling through Northern India during the fall of 2014
Amritsar's Golden Temple at night.  This is the holiest Sikh house of prayer.
Crepuscular rays coming through the clouds and hitting the hills near some rice paddies in the remote INorth-Eastern Indian state of Arunachel Pradesh
Boats on the Ganges River at sunrise at the holy city of Varanasi
Bahai House of Prayer in New Delhi,  This building is commonly called the "Lotus Blossom Temple".
Tourists boats landing at one of the Ghats after the Sunset Prayer ceremony.
One of the palace rooms at the Agra Fort.
Taj Mahal at sunrise.
Torches on the ground following the Sunset Prayer ceremony at Rishikesh
Place of Winds Facade. Jaipur
Rishikesh trains station at sunrise.
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