Ottawa, Canada
Shots taken in and around Ottawa, Canada
Centre Block, Parliament Buildings.
This is a fairly highly manipulated image; both in taking the shot and in post-processing.  Parliament Hill always has many visitors, so I took multiple shots, taking care to ensure that I was able to generate images where people moved between the images, and I then put these into multiple layers, aligned the layers and chose shots that were "people free".  In full size, there are actually close to 20 people visible, but are so small that they cannot be noticed.
The shots were taken with a 3-stop soft grad filter to bring some interest into the sky.  The flag is also done in post.  It is the Governor General's flag, which is only flown when the GG is on site.  I had a shot taken on Canada Day when he was there and used it instead of the Canadian flag that was flying the day I took the other images.
A panorama of downtown Ottawa, taken from Nepan Point
National Gallary of Canada at night with the sculpture "Maman" by the French-American sculptor Louise Bourgeois.
Detail of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Black Rapids Lock - Rideau Canal Lock #13
This is the last lock on the canal that is located within the Rideau River.  The next upstream lock is at the Hog's Back Falls where the 100% man-made section of the canal that runs through Ottawa starts.  The shot was taken in late October when the fall colours were at their prime.
The Rideau Canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Spring Blossoms - Dominion Arboretum.  Another photographer reviews her work.
The Dominion Observatory was opened in 1905 (an closed in 1970).  It was primarily established to produced more accurate time readings.  As a bit of a contrast, we see an ancient time-piece, a sundial in the foreground on the left of this image.
The vintage nature of this image works well as a monochrome image.
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