People and portraits
Some miscellaneous shots of people.
Makeup class - I took this work by a makeup artist who was doing a makeup course at the local commujity college.  SHe had done the face, but I found that the image looked incomplete, and extended things down the neck using Photoshop.  My background is the classroom blackboard that had not been cleaned up.  Shot is using a SB-600 and umbrella (side lighting) with a white reflector on the right to push more light into the face from the left.
The model told me that her mother did not recognize her...
Young Menonite boy - St Jacobs Market, Canada.
This young boy was working at the family stand that primarily sold maple syrup; the traditional carriages are sitting in the background, their horses were "parked" elsewhere.  Menonites are notoriously camera shy and will hide their faces when they see a camera pointed at them, so I had to be a bit sneaky to pull off this shot.
Young woman in a curio shop window - Elmira, Ontario, Canada
My daughter saw me from inside the shop, so I snapped this image from the outside, capturing both her and the reflections of the street scene outsite.
Shot of a participant at a pow woe
Acrobat in period costume performing at Upper Canada Village, near Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada.
Old order Mennonite at his stand at the St Jacobs Market
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